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The current campaigns for Bacardi, Blackberry, Bentley, The BBC, BT Sports, Clarks Shoes, CK Fashion, Converse, East Coast Railways, Doc Martin, Finlux, Rimmel and St Tropez all have something in common.

They and their agencies are all using TV in a Card as the brand of choice to enhance their advertising, marketing and communications campaigns.

Call us and find out why TV in a Card is suited for your company.

  • TV in a Card brings brochures and print presentations to life with video. Go beyond the confines of two dimensional print and dazzle your clients with a surprise video brochure from TV in a Card! More
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Our 4.3 inch screen TV in a Card is our most popular model for large orders and used for promotions, high value direct mail and many other forms of communications.



The hardback version of our 7 inch screen TV in a Card is proving very popular for press releases, new product launches and with video production companies.



TV in a' Card Video Point of Sales' is low-cost, uniquely portable and interactive. We embed video screens into point of sale - and we have a wide range of solutions to suit every need.


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Call us. There’s a TV in a card for just about every occasion. We can supply a wide range of standard cards plus bespoke solutions tailored to your exact requirements.