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Our screen sizes are: 2.4", 2.8", 4.3", 5", 7" & NEW 10.1"

Selfridges Advert Launch

Selfridges used TV in a Card to launch their Christmas Television commercial to the press.

St Tropez

RZ Cussons used our 7" hard cover cards for the press launch of the ST Tropez brand with Kate Moss.


Almex used our 4.3" A5 hard cover card to explain their services and products.

Selfridges Staff Awards

Selfridges showed their recognition for key staff using TV in a Card.

Gemalto Voucher Launch

Gemalto launched their prepaid gift cards with TV in a Card.

Pfizer Conference

Pfizer used a TV in a Card 16 page brochure to show a conference to the people who could not attend.

Bentley new model launch

Bentley used TV in a Card to launch the powerful new GT Continental - the world’s fastest four-seater.

Kia Quoris launch

Kia used TV in a Card to launch the new Quoris.


Promethean used TV in a Card's 7' hardback cards to promote their services.

Lucy Zodion

Lucy Zodion used our 2.4" cards as a sales tool to explain their range of products to potential clients.


Flickr used our 4.3 inch screens to celebrate the launch of their new application for iPhone.

Intercontinental Hotels

Used TV in a Card for an important conference.