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Who we are

The idea of the TV in a Card was hatched back in 2009 one lazy afternoon on the Dubai Marina beach during a conversation after a Xerox video shoot. It’s fair to say that the combination of Xerox, the company with a history of innovation, and Dubai, the city where everything is possible – was the perfect fit - and the inspiration behind the video brochure. And that inspiration was? Record a video, send out a DVD or put it online and who sees it? But personalize it, send it out in a TV in a card, and all your audience has to do is open the card, and everybody sees it!
Fast forward a lot of travel and research - and in 2010 TV in a Card was born. Since then, with no marketing and advertising (but some nice press interest) TV in a Card has caught the attention of some of the world’s top brands – Accenture, Bentley, Kia, Flickr, ITV, Just Cavalli, HP, Pfizer, Intercontinental Hotels, Selfridges – and, of course, Xerox – our first ever customers back in 2010, before we officially launched to the world! So it’s only fair that we give their marketing team something to say. They sent us this message from Dubai
“We have used TV in a Card for a number of high profile events here. They create a great impact among our guests and are an ideal way for us to convey complicated information easily in a manner that ensures our message gets understood and passed around. It’s a great concept and has been highly appreciated by our top clients and customers!” In the last year we have moved on, combining our strengths with the brand expertise of CLX Europe.

Using the latest innovations – QR Codes, Augmented Reality, NFC and some rather nifty proprietary software from the chaps at CLX Europe, we are working with some of the world’s best known retail brands to turn Point of Sale in-store into a fully interactive and immersive experience – and some compelling in-store only offers.
We’ve planted our feet firmly in Dubai thanks to Coalface Communications and we are opening up a number of partners internationally, including TV in a Card The Netherlands. Tv in a Card The Netherlands is part of Zoom Productions.
Our aim is to get your brand noticed by your target customers – and then help them get to know you. We hope we can do the same to you.


Environment and Quality Assurance

  • Our TV in a Card components are sourced internationally and assembled in China where the finished product is printed and then put though a rigorous Quality Assurance process, which takes place in China and then again in our local offices. Then the finished product is delivered to you. All of our components are recyclable and can be delivered back to our UK, European, US or China offices for recycling. TV in a Card conforms and complies with CE regulations and RoHS standards.