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PIR triggered screens

  • Our screens can be used in a wide variety of POS units and can be triggered by motion sensors.
  • They can be powered by internal batteries, external battery packs and mains.
  • Regus

Point of Sale are available in the sizes:
10.1", 7", 5", 4.3" and 2.4"

POS screens

Imagine a Video Point of Sale unit that is low-cost, uniquely portable and interactive; one that will play without wires or a mains connection?

TV in a Card has video Point of Sale designed to enhance customers’ in-store experience and get your brand noticed. Using the clever technology developed by our friends at CLX-Europe, and powered by TV in a Card, we bring you the i-Screen; a range of smart video point of sale that can be bought off the shelf or made bespoke to suit your requirements.

We can provide the bespoke product to suit your needs, whether you are a retailer seeking a permanent display unit to attract and covert more in-store shoppers, or a brand wanting to make a noise.