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Technical Specifications

Screen Size Options

Video Brochures
Screen ....Resolution ....Aspect Ratio
7.0” ........800 x 480 ......16:9
5.0”.........480 x 272 ......16:9
4.3” ........480 x 272 ......16:9
2.8” ........320 x 240 .......4:3
2.4” ........320 x 240 .......4:3

POS screens
Screen ....Resolution ....Aspect Ratio
10.1" .....1024 x 600 .....16:9
7.0” .......800 x 480 .......16:9
5.0” .......480 x 272 .......16:9
4.3” .......480 x 272 .......16:9

  • 7" screens 
    800 x 480
    Memory 256Mb, 512Mb, 1Gb, 2Gb, 4Gb 
    Battery options  500mAh 1 hour,  1000MHA  2 hours,  1500MHA 3 hours, 2000MHA 4 hours  
    Speaker power 8 OHM  2W
  • 4.3" and 5" screens 
    480 x 272
    Memory 256Mb, 512Mb, 1Gb, 2Gb, 4Gb 
    Battery options 450 mAh 2 HOURS  750MHA 3 hours, 1000MHA 4 hours, 1200MHA 5 hours, 2000MHA 9 hours  
    Speaker power 8 OHM  2W
  • 2.4 & 2.8" screens 
    320 x 240
    Memory 256Mb, 512Mb, 1Gb, 2Gb, 4Gb 
    Battery options  120mAh(1 hour)  200 MHA 2 hours, 380MHA 4 hours, 500MHA  5 hours, 1000MHA 12 hours 
    Speaker power 8 OHM  2W


Cards can be autostart on opening or have an on/off switch Cards can work with just autostart or on/off, but can also be supplied with buttons for other functions.
These include individual video select buttons, play/pause, play/FF, pause/REW, volume up, volume down.

  • Printing
    Cards are normally supplied with 4 color printing and gloss or matt lamination as standard. Spot Colors, Spot UV, Foil Blocking, Embossing and other finishes are available. Cards can also be supplied in other materials..
  • Sizes
    Cards come in a wide range of standard sizes and bespoke sizes can also be made for clients. Batteries:
  • Batteries
    All batteries are rechargeable. Standard battery life between charges is 1 hour on 2.4" and 2.8" cards and 2 hours on other cards. More powerful batteries can be specified on all cards.
  • These can be recharged approximately 1,000 times but deficiency will increase through age
    Shelf Life: When stored correctly, a fully charged battery in a card should stay charged for up to 3 month
  • Recharging
    The batteries in the cards can be recharge via the card's mini USB port, which can be connected to a computer's USB port or 5v charger. We recommend that we supply the USB cables with the cards to facilitate this.
  • Loading screen
    As well as video content, cards can also be supplied with a loading screen which will come on for a second or two whilst the video is loading. This is supplied .FO.C.
  • Video content
    Please supply us with your video content and we will optimize it for your cards. For best results please send us a high quality HD version of the video which is not too compressed.